Ubiquity Group is a firm dedicated to total brand and community enrichment through holistic hospitality-based solutions for a broad spectrum of F&B outlets.

As your on-demand engineer for dynamic approaches to everything from facility design / re-design to operational efficiency systems and service excellence programs; we employ staff, guest & community-facing approaches to: policy implementation, culture development, effective repositioning and innovative training.

Ubiquity Group engineers atmosphere as successfully as we engineer new products and marketing initiatives that attract and hold a significant market share.

Think of us as your one-stop hospitality solutions shop for your business...whether it’s food and beverage based or not.

With over 50 combined years of experience in: QSR, corporate, independent, retail, institutional & beyond… we bring real-life practical solutions and capable hands to help lighten the load and deliver measurable results.

Ubiquity Group is built on the basic tenets of hospitality and the relentless pursuit of being better.

Our services


Implementation of express-style mico kitchens & food programs for breweries, cafés, concert venues and stadiums with little to no extra space or venting. We will develop the foodservice component of your business that complements and showcases your existing beverage offerings and/or attractions while providing the necessary training, operational support and marketing plans for a virtually plug-and-play full-service amenity at a fraction of the traditional cost.

  • Elevate Brand Equity

  • Increase Guest Retention

  • Build Check Averages & Re-Capture Lost Revenue

  • Broaden Market Base For Primary Offering(s) / Attraction(s)

  • Create Family Friendliness

  • Develop Greater Guest Frequency

  • Decrease Liquor License & Insurance Liability

  • Increase Profitability & Lower Operating Costs


Custom tailored programs designed for improved morale, greater efficiency, higher guest satisfaction, increased revenue and maximization of brand equity through:

  • Hospitality Training

  • Short & Long Term Planning

  • P&L Evaluation & Budget Development

  • Menu Development / New F&B Programs

  • Loss Prevention Systems

  • Service Standards & Reviews

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Strategic Alliances

  • Inventory & Cost Management Systems

  • Adaptive Planning

  • Facility Design

  • Environmental Evaluations



Crisis resolution, chain stabilization, strength identification & development, capitalization of opportunities / underutilized revenue centers and minimization of distractions during restructuring or transitions through:

  • Mission Renewal & Re-Training

  • Owner-Operator Liaising

  • Deal Structuring

  • Executive Team Leadership

  • Organizational Turnarounds

  • Damage Control

  • Succession Planning

  • Budget Specific Marketing

  • Ownership Directed Executive Searches

  • Onboarding & Orienting New Leadership



Assistance with all aspects of site development from asset positioning to Landlord-owned outlet launches including but not limited to: recruiting, team building, onboarding, coaching and quickly getting teams up to speed and into defined operation mode for opening via:

  • Operational Planning & Core Asset Development

  • Strategic Alliances / Landlord Relations

  • Asset Repositioning & Restructuring

  • Tenant Vetting & Onboarding

  • Mutual Network & Resource Leveraging

  • Capacity & Retention Plan Development

  • 360 Reviews / Evaluations

  • Leadership Assessments

  • Operational Policy & Procedure / Handbooks



Intervening to collaboratively facilitate: a positive workplace culture evolution, strategic buy-in & support, mutual respect, participation & inclusion, work-life balance, well-being, efficient teamwork and maximization of labor through:

  • Assessment Tool Building

  • Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Training

  • Conflict Resolution & Workplace Climate Training

  • Mitigating Unintentional Exclusive Planning Processes

  • Guest Centered Service Surveys & Seminars

  • Montessorial Team Development

  • 360 Leadership Evaluation

  • Equity Policy Creation / Evaluation

  • Linking Self-Care & Team Innovation

  • Creating Respectful Feedback Loops


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