The Best WiFi Extenders For Your Restaurant

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QUESTION From Devon in TX:

“Are you or anyone you know using Google AC 1200 Dual-Band Mesh system to extend WiFi throughout their building? We have 5,000sqft to cover and dead spots everywhere and wondering if these things will actually help.”


WiFi extenders not only work – they are absolutely necessary in most outlets that have broken site lines or floor plans with multiple walls and/or floors.

I’ve only used Netgear Nighthawks and eeros kits (both of which work very well-never had a problem) but have heard that a lot of ppl are really happy with Orbi (which I think is also by Netgear).

Ubiquiti AC AP PRO is another good one - especially if you want to re-target those who sign-into your wifi (nothing more annoying than retargeting those people without them knowing you’re going to do so… i.e., make it as clear as Kettle when they’re signing on that, by doing so, they are agreeing to receive promotional offers/emails).

OpenMesh, and Cisco/Meraki also have lead capturing / retargeting “baked in” to facilitate turning customer wifi networks into extensions of your marketing and promo campaigns.