Tap Beer: Why Every Pint Should Have A Head

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QUESTION From Kevin in MD:

“Do you have a decent video of proper tap beer pouring technique or any literature explaining how the “flow method” is incorrect? I have a bartender who thinks it’s the “ right way” to just let the beer flow over the side of the glass. As I watch profits go down the drain. As, “ her other jobs” never said anything. Gee- sorry I’m actually taking the time to show you the proper way. Yes, she knows everything. I don’t know why, in my 30 years of running bars, I never learned anything.”

Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=npYiqJuqywA&feature=youtu.be


I’d spend more time trying to find her replacement than I would trying to find a video proving I’m right.

“If she thinks she knows everything” and after attempting to coach her she “still thinks she knows better” AND is giving you-the owner a hard time / attitude... how do you think she comes across to guests?

BTW: You’re right... but the more important point is that it’s your bar so avoid the power struggle at all costs. By engaging in the back-and-forth and/or trying to prove you’re right, you’re actually giving her more power and undermining your own authority... not only with her, but with everyone else as well.

While a glycol system with FOBs are your first defense against loss / waste; teaching your bartenders NOT to try eliminating a head / foam from the top of a beer should be next on your list. Initially tilting the glass to avoid too much foam is great but not straightening it for the last 1/4 or so of beer is a great way to spill money over the lip of the glass and ensure that the CO2 expands in the guest’s stomach (instead of through the foam top as it’s meant to) and makes them feel full a lot faster.

For the record: http://youtu.be/bVfcGuXM93Q

And while we’re on the subject: http://youtu.be/StMMa8uR2-0


Josh Sapienza