Properly Tracking Food Waste


QUESTION From: Alex in TX

“I'm a manager of a $4 million a year restaurant that runs 24/7. Do you have any tips on how to track their back of house food waste?”


The short answer is “Daily”.

The longer answer is “At every station, at the end of every shift and recorded in both a hard log and an electronic log”

Be sure to account for everything that goes on a plate and look everywhere you might experience loss / waste in order to accurately track that waste and have it properly accounted for in your food cost.

My Top 12 areas to manage / ways to ensure your food waste is both accurate and limited:

-Ensure EVERY menu item is costed out properly / regularly (especially as prices and/or platings change)

-Track ext Pricing & Shop Competing Vendors

-Waste Sheets at every station

-Yield Sheets / Usable Product Calc. at every station

-Recipe & Prep Cards are being at every station

-Random Prep & Line Checks

-Daily ReFire / Comp / Void Audits

-Daily Inventory & Walk-In Checks (make sure food labeled and FIFO’d properly)

-Ladles, Cups & Scales being used for Portion Control

-Checking In Orders Correctly (not just physical against invoice but invoice against order & checking dates)

-Using Sales History to accurately project PMIX / Not over-prep

-Random Dumpster Checks

Josh Sapienza