The Best Incentive For Your Staff

QUESTION FROM: Eric & Crystal in WI

“Have any tried and true incentive ideas? Looking for ways to reward the team’s success that improve our hospitality and productivity.”


Public & private praise. Look them in the eye and thank them for the work they do.

Secret shops / prizes / giveaways / etc... are fun and refresh engagement but if you want a sustainable way of improving intrinsic motivation and genuine hospitality throughout your organization, the best reward is to create an awesome culture for your staff to “come home to” every time they clock in.

Employees stay loyal when they know you have their back and best interests at heart. Get to know each one of them individually (if you haven’t already) so that when you’re motivated to go above and beyond for one of them - you know precisely what they’d value/appreciate most (i.e., a day off - a gift card - better shift(s) - more training / path to advancement - a raise or bonus - free meal for their family - tix to an event - etc...)

Another incentive that has always worked well for me in fast casual concepts is a “Crew Ladder” display that shows everyone’s position and the skill sets, performance scores and knowledge required to climb up to the next rung.

Some other thoughts on improving the culture:

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