Coping With Employee Turnover


QUESTION From: Quinn in OH

“Ok, I must admit I am not good at this. I understand that there is a high turnover in this business, but I'm always so emotionally drained when I lose an employee, whether due to firing or them quitting. We are small community, and small restaurant and all close and I get attached to some of them. How do you handle it?”


While there are many ways to limit employee turnover (from strategic interviewing and handbook adherence to effective coaching / mentoring practices) there’s no way to make everyone stay. And even if there was... you wouldn’t want to keep every person or hold some people back from what may be a better opportunity and/or fit for them.

People grow as do their needs and thus their source(s) of fulfillment must grow and/or change to accommodate those needs.

Your first job usually isn’t your last job - and neither is theirs.

Providing any guest-centered service requires a tremendous sense of empathy - which makes it inherently difficult (if not impossible) to be genuinely caring for some and completely cold and calculating towards others...especially when they are members of your surrogate / work family.

Your empathy is what makes you so good at what you do and, most likely, appreciated by those those you aren’t forced to bid farewell.

No amount of justification is going to make it feel much better - it just sucks sometimes and I’m sorry that now is one of those times for you.