A Tale Of Two Offers

A Tale Of Two Offers HospitalityHelpline.com.png


“I am looking for some guidance with a decision that lies before me.

I have two job offers right now. I’m am 23 years old.

Both offer the same salary.

Both in the same city.

”The “fancier” of the two is being opened mid November. It’s an upscale restaurant being created by a celebrity chef, and a FOH manager that has a rather impressive resume himself. The position would be an Assistant Manager.

I just started working for another concept owned by an Asian restaurant group. It’s my 3rd day there and took it out of desperation. The restaurant is due to open on Sunday. But the last three days I have been having a lot of fun and I’ve been able to assert enough dominance in the situation that I have a fairly large amount of control of everything already. The lady I am co-managers with is looking to me for guidance.

The director said the GM position will be decided after a few months based on performance. And if I’m in control of everything that kind of puts me in that position anyway. So it definitely sounds like I’m able to get that title and the salary bump.

My question is :
Do I go for the option where I can learn more and directly compete for a man who has the resume to back himself with for a GM position ? Or, do I stay here and get that title with more ease ?

I think that getting into a GM position in a fancier place would be more obtainable with GM on my resume.

But I could be missing out on everything the fancier place has to offer in terms of “wealth of experience.”

My apologies for the long question.

Update: It took over a month to get a solid offer from the fancier place. I’ve got it. But it literally took that long.”


You’re 23 years old. Go with the place that has the best / most thorough training program for their management and their hourly staff.

A firm commitment to comprehensive (and on-going) training programs is not only the best predictor of a restaurant’s sustainability - it’s also the best way to guarantee that their expectations of you will be clearly communicated and thus more likely for you to meet them (i.e., you’ll know where you stand which mitigates being blindsided and/or finding yourself in a situation where your skill set and ownership’s expectations are not in alignment).

Trust me when I tell you - you’re going to learn as much as possible and increase your value in the marketplace by working with whichever team takes orientation and training more seriously.

Good Luck to you and stay in touch.