Old School Scheduling


QUESTION From Jerry in VA:

Guys what's a good method to schedule employees? I'm new at management and I'd like to find the best/easy way to do this.

Appreciate the feedback,




In the wake of so many digital platforms that handle scheduling like: When I Work, Homebase, Schedulefly, BetterChains and others that showcase their comprehensive integrated apps at every food show from Maine to Las Vegas - some of us prefer to take the "Old School" route.

IMHO- Doing it yourself - or having your manager do it for themselves without the assistance of new technology facilitates a much deeper understanding of PY/YTD/Current Sales Projections and the variables that affect the P&L (specifically - sales, total covers, staff at their disposal and respective budgets.

But the "old school" method isn't for everyone. The number and intensity of the demands put on every GM and Exec Chef are unique to every concept and every property. But for those in favor of Excel documents or Pages documents we have a a couple of templates that work in tandem with one another for you:


Its not that hard to know what's going on in your restaurants and IMHO, relying on an algorithm / computer program only distances a manager from the pulse of their outlet and everything that contributes to that pulse.... then again, I'm old school.