How To Keep Your Restaurant From Overheating

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QUESTION From: Jess in NC:

"I feel like every summer I have to make extra prayers to make sure my AC and coolers are working.

What am I doing wrong? How do y’all make sure it all works for you day in day out

Its so frustrating!"


This is a great (and timely) question but one most appropriately answered by a commercial HVAC specialist.

There are a lot of variables including: size of restaurant, breakdown of sqftage, ceiling heights, number of doors/windows, sun exposure, amount of equipment / size of kitchen, return air, level of activity (usually plan on 750-1000BTUs per person / occupancy), part of the country, separate breakers, placement of units, air flow, maintenance schedule, etc....

Any or all of these things (and then some will affect not only your required tonage but also your make-up air both on the line and exchanger in the seating area if applicable.

I usually plan on 2-3tons per 1,000sqft but again thats a very “general rule of thumb”.

Curious to see the requirements for other operators here so lease weigh in and include as much detail re your outlet / facility as possible.

Best of Luck,

Josh Sapienza

Niko from IN says:

"Answer to your specific question:
2 5-TON RTUs w/Heatpump and Gas Backup (Dual-Fuel) w/Economizers across 8,000sqft;
1 5-TON Split 92% (Kitchen AC);

All HVAC is on a Honeywell BCM, even got the app, and can see runtimes and efficiency.
325-350CFM MAU for the Hood;

LOTS of West sun exposure - mostly one runs up until its either occupied big time or the sun is beating. Usually patrons close blinds before I do and it’s fine - i don’t blame em!!

I’m in the Midwest, Indiana, and we just went from Winter to major Summer 2 weeks ago. Didn’t believe em and I was up there sweating my tail off cleaning em!!!"